Enterprise Architecture Services

Enterprise Software Architecture needs to account for multiple standalone custom software units working synchronously with each other while staying loosely coupled.

Enterprise Software Complexity

Innostax is an enterprise software development company, and we strongly believe that the only want to solve a complex enterprise architecture problem is to break it into smaller simple, easy to solve problems. This is why we love Microservices and 12factor App principles.

Enterprise Software Scalability and Maintenance

Ease of scalability and ease of maintenance of enterprise software is highly dependent on how tightly couple the individual systems are with one another, and the simplicity of the individual system. Innostax is an enterprise architecture consulting services provider. We strongly believe in 12Factor app principles, they help keep individual systems small and simple and keep them decoupled with one another.

Enterprise Software Performance

All enterprise web architecture software systems need to be designed with the ability to be able to scale at a moment’s notice. The system should be fault-tolerant, highly available, and responsive.

Enterprise Software Development Services

Today, all small and large businesses face multiple challenges in workflow management and real-time collaborations. At Innostax, we build creative solutions to bring the different management processes and data on a single platform through our enterprise software development services. We leverage our 5-year expertise as an enterprise application development company to its full potential. Our business architecture services will help you streamline your process, and we will improve the efficiency of operation, which will effectively bring down the costs of operations.

Enterprise Application Development India

At Innostax, we offer the best enterprise web architecture application development. Our services include the ones listed below:

1. Enterprise Mobility Service

Mobility has revolutionized the workflow of businesses all over the world. Innostax is an enterprise architecture consulting firm that brings life to your mobility objectives through mobile app development that supports all operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows.

2. Application Integration Solutions

Innostax is an IT architecture consulting firm that can help you secure your existing IT infrastructure and integrate other services without making massive changes in data structures. We create APIs suitable for your current interface to make the process seamless.

3. Custom Enterprise Application Development

We stand out from other custom software development firms by studying industry-specific requirements to create the most innovative software solution. We bring all the essential features to make it a seamless experience.

4. Data Management Services

Our enterprise architecture design company helps you create an effective strategy for data management by utilizing our knowledge of emerging technologies like cloud computing, big data, and deep learning.

5. Business Intelligence Consulting Services

We analyze the data through heterogeneous systems to provide valuable consultancy that can generate useful insights for your business. It will help you improve efficiency and provide a better customer experience.

6. Application Outsourcing Services

Through our application development outsourcing services, you need not worry about project management and application development. It enables you to keep your focus on the main objectives of your business.

7. Software Modernization Services

Technological advancements make the user experience simpler and better than ever before, but outdated software can promote potential risks. Through our modernization services, you can bring the latest technology and tools to outperform your competitors.

We can handle different complexities and bring you the most creative digital solutions. We are a team of experts with specialization in multiple technology domains, including enterprise service architecture. Innostax is among the best custom software development firms that can help you generate customized software solutions. So, choose the best business architecture consulting in India to boost the capabilities of your organization.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is an Enterprise App Development Company?

    Enterprise application development company is a company that develops software or application to improve the business, streamline their operations, or drive better ROI. Moreover, these apps help in boosting efficiency and employee engagement. At Innostax, we provide high-quality enterprise app development services to businesses to fulfill these factors, irrespective of their type and size. 

    What Is the Enterprise Application Development Process?

    We, at Innostax, follow an efficient and end-to-end process for designing and developing enterprise web and mobile applications that address your business needs. The steps are:

    1. First, we understand your project needs and try to map out user journeys based on user personas that will be using the software.
    2. We then design wireframes and iterate on it with you through end-user feedback until we find the best possible user experience.
    3. Next, we work on the theme, the UI/UX design, build prototypes and high fidelity mockups
    4. Once the mockups are approved, We break down everything into small features and tasks and estimate cost and time to develop.
    5. Once the costs are estimated per feature, we collaborate with you to understand the impact each feature has on your business.
    6. We prioritize features based on effort and impact, for example, features that are high impact but low effort are chosen first and so one.
    7. The goal is to define a minimal set of features to develop first so that we can get the product in front of the customer as soon as we can for feedback and validation.
    8. The releases are done bi-weekly, and work is prioritised every sprint (2 weeks)
    9. We use project management tools such as Jira/ClickUp very efficiently to track work every day, This helps us manage and keep the project on track while keeping you updated on the date to date progress.
    10. Before every release, We take the product through a rigorous QA process to resolve issues
    11. We iterate this way for every feature/release throughout the development process but doing regular releases to production.

    What Enterprise Software Solution Do You Offer?

    As a trusted enterprise mobile application company, Innostax offers a wide array of enterprise software solutions, such as: 

    • UX/UI design
    • Strategy and consultation
    • Staff Augmentation
    • Marketing websites
    • CRM/ERP solutions
    • Pre and Post testing of your app
    • Deployment of your app

    Enterprise web and mobile applications enable employees to access corporate data and manage business operations from marketing, sales, operations, after-sales etc..  

    How Do Enterprise Software Developers Work for a Company?

    Enterprise software developers are responsible for the design, development, and deployment of your mobile application according to your business needs. They carefully understand your business, company structure, processes, target audience, They design user-friendly and highly intuitive applications that are robust, scalable, and within the budget by adhering to business timelines. Our team of highly trained developers has excellent experience in developing web apps, mobile apps, API only backends for multiple industry types and can help you create high-value digital assets by defining strategy for maximum ROI.  

    What are the top platforms used for enterprise application development?

    There are a lot of proven, production tested platforms for developing web applications, mobile applications, and backends. While it is good to go with the latest and greatest technology that is being used by the major software corporations, it’s not always the best strategy. There are multiple factors that need to be considered for choosing the platform that works best for you.

    1) Cost of licensing

    2) Easy access to developers in the market who have the skill for the platform.

    3) Cost of developers with the skill associated with the platform you are choosing.

    4) Hosting costs associated with the platform.

    5) Community support and documentation available for the platform.

    How much does an enterprise software cost?

    Most enterprise software falls somewhere between $75,000 to $750,000, which includes design, development, and implementation. However, the cost is usually influenced by several factors, such as the complexity and structure of your project, the features required in your software, the technology used, etc. At Innostax, we strive hard to fully understand all these factors and recommend the best solutions that are scalable, performant, long-lasting, and also within your budget. 

    How will enterprise software benefit my business?

    The world is moving towards digitalization for the benefits it provides :

    1. Removes manual errors.
    2. Moves the asset value out of people into a reliable system.
    3. Gives scale and reach onto a global platform with access to a huge potential customer base.
    4. Reduces cost of operations significantly
    5. Improves the effectiveness of business processes.

     Businesses are continually investing in different digital solutions to remain ahead of the curve. Enterprise software can benefit your business to a great extent in the long run for a relatively small upfront investment.

    When should I adopt enterprise software for my business?

    Every business needs software to manage its operations efficiently, drive productivity, and improve ROI. But the right time to adopt enterprise software for your business depends on the following indicators:

    • When you have a manual process in the company that relies on human accuracy.
    • When you need to create a reliable infrastructure that needs to support the business.
    • When you need to create a repeatable seamless customer experience and want to keep the quality as you scale
    • Basically, every business use case needs software to be effective, scalable, and efficient

    It’s always better to invest in enterprise software as soon as possible to ensure the smooth scaling of your business with increasing customer base and revenue.

    What are the types of enterprise systems?

    • Customer Relationship Management – These are developed to boost the sales department’s productivity, increase sales, automation of the sales process workflow, etc. 
    • Supply Chain Management – It helps to manage the supply chain activities, such as product development, material sourcing, production, and logistics efficiently. 
    • Enterprise Resource Planning – It is used to automate day-to-day business tasks, such as finance, accounting, procurement, risk management, logistics, human resources, etc. 

    Basically, Any use case of the business whether it’s a common business scenario or a use case that is very specific to your business. You need enterprise software to ensure your business runs smoothly, is scalable, performant, and provides a consistent seamless user experience.

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