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Custom Software Development Services

Are you frustrated with your Software and its results?

We’ll identify the gaps in your software interms of its usability, scalability and performance and build an action plan for immediate results and a sustained growth path. We’re a results focussed software development company – it’s in our DNA. We believe that 20% of actions drive 80% of results, so we focus on what will move the needle in favour of your business.

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We are a software development agency helping build scalable and performant software

Choose the right stack

Choosing the right development technology stack is really important for the following reason :

1) Code reusability, results in huge savings.
Example: Using React as your front end framework results in 33% code reusability when building your mobile application using react-native. This results in 33% cost savings.

2) Using Javascript across backend, frontend and the mobile application lets you stick to one single team for all your software resulting in huge savings.

3) Using latest technology stack helps you attract top talent. With older stacks, you experience challenges in hiring.

Choose the right architecture (Microservices)

We strongly believe that anyone can code, but it takes really good software developers to code scalable and performant software.

Keeping it simple and loosely coupled is key to building scalable software. We closely follow industry titans to make sure we are up to date with our technology and architecture choices.

“MICROSERVICES” is the word. Breaking down the complex business problem into simple domain-based smaller systems with each of them doing only one thing and doing it well.

We follow 12-factor app principles to design and architect our systems.

Hire the right team

This one sounds obvious and easy but frankly, it is not. This is the most important and essential of the three points mentioned.

If you get this right, the other two fall into place.

We take great pride in our hiring process which has evolved over a period of 5 years through trial and error. We have proved results to back that the following are the most important qualities for the right guys on our team.

1) High IQ
2) Ambitious and a zeal to perform
3) Integrity and accountability.

Please read our blog for a detailed description of our hiring process, or we could walk you through it on a call if you like.

An expert custom software development agency

Stand out from your competitors with unique, and tailored software built with your user in mind

User Focussed Design

We help you design user focussed interfaces, that are intutive and look great.

Value Focussed Consulting

With our extensive experience helping small to enterprise clients, we have developed processes to prioritse features based on effort and impact that helps getting to market faster to collect user feedback.

Feedback Driven Iterations

We strongly believe in building software based on feedback of the actual user. We help our clients collect user feedback data in an effective way to derive data based inferences that drive, prioritise and iterate through features.