our technology expertise

we specialise in modern web technologies using micro-services approach


ReactJs is a javascript based frontend framework by Facebook which makes it easier to write highly performant code using declarative approach to create interactive UI


VueJs is a javascript based frontend framework created by Evan You. It is an open source MVVM framework to create user interfaces and single page applications


AngularJs is the frontend framework created and actively maintained by Google. Its a powerful framework that can be used to create user interfaces and single page applications

.Net Core

.net core is a managed framework by Microsoft. It works cross platform and supports development on Windows, MacOs, Linux.


Node.js is an asynchronous event driven javascript runtime designed to build highly scalable network applications

Go Lang

GoLang is a statically typed compiled programming language by google. It is very similar to C with enhancements to memory safety and garbage collection.


React-Native combines best parts of mobile native applications with react. We can write code in javascript an build applications for IOS and Android


Ionic is a mobile app development platform for web developers. The patterns and syntax is similar to frontend web framework and enables web developers create power mobile applications


Docker is a Paas product that uses OS level virtualization to deliver software in standalone packages called containers. This is really power and helps in development and deployment of enterprise class applications.



By efficiently using the modern web frameworks, you can significantly lower the cost of getting web and mobile applications done.

The key to our approach is ”REUSABILITY”, With our extensive approach in building web and mobile applications, we have realised that the business logic for web and mobile applications is almost 95% similar and the only change is to the way the user interface is built. By using React, we create a reusable layer of business logic that can be shared across your website and react-native based mobile application.

Building JWT based authentication and authorization enables the api to be shared across web, mobile and as public api, which can be leveraged by your partners.

Ready for a million customers

Every website needs to be ready to support a million customers at a moments notice

We strongly believe that every website or mobile application should be planned with a million customers in mind. The architecture should be ready for quick iteration on the code without introducing bugs. The days of huge monoliths are long gone and every enterprise company is moving to a micro-services approach using 12-factor app rules.

The key is to build smaller domain context-bound services which does only one thing and does it well, the whole system is orchestrated through an orchestration engine like Kubernetes or ECS, that makes sure the system is fault-tolerant, highly available and highly scalable by keeping the hosting costs in mind.