Career Path For People Joining Innostax Fresh Out Of College

Fresh out of college

Once you clear the interview, you join a training period for 6 months after which you become a fulltime employee.

During the 6 months training period, you join as an “Associate Software Developer”

During the first 3 months of training, you receive a fixed salary which will be revised at the end of 3 months and again at the end of 6 months.

After the completion of your training period, You get promoted to either :

“Software Development Engineer” or “Partner Software Development Engineer” based on your performance.


Based on your involvment, performance, dedication and value that you add to the project you would be categorized as :

“Software Development Engineer” – Individual contributor

“Partner Software Development Engineer” – Candidate with the potential to be a pillar in the growth of the company and is on a fast track to leadership role. This will entitle him/her to a salary 30% higher than the Software Development Engineer.

As soon as an opportunity arises, The “Partner Software Development Engineer” would be promoted to a partner team lead which brings in a partnership component into the salary as well as responsibility.


Apart from the fixed salary, Partner Software Development Engineer would get a monthly performance bonus of 10,000 INR X (Number of perople are in his team.) Thereby becoming a real partner in companies success.

Going forward, the fixed component salary/responsibility will be revised once per year based on the performance like all other employees.

Career Path for people joining us with experience

We are growing really fast and need really smart, dedicated and amazing individuals to join our team. Based on your potential, there is no limit to the growth as we are a growing company.

We are the best company to join for ambitious individuals that want to be part of our struggle so that they can be part of our success.