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Navigating the Globe: A Journey through Travelstart’s Travel Services


Travelstart, an established online travel agency, is renowned for its user-friendly platform and comprehensive travel booking services. Initially rooted in South Africa, has evolved into a prominent global player in the online travel industry.


Innostax is very professional. They make sure that only best of the best are hired.

Steven Scheffler

CTO, Travelstart

Technologies and Tools:

hire jenkins
hire rails developer
hire aws developer
hire new relic developer

Project Overview:

Innostax collaborates with Travelstart to enhance the flight booking experience. The project focuses on improving the user interface, streamlining the booking process, and expanding flight options.

List of Features we added:

Peach Payment Gateway Implementation
ATC shopper flow (Amadeus) Implementation
Seat Map Implementation
Paystack Gateway Implementation
Fare families flow(Amadeus) Implementation
Self-service Implementation
Flutter App Automation Testing using Appium


The collaboration with Innostax has ushered in some great improvements spanning user experience, operational efficiency, and revenue growth. The innovative technology solutions have optimized internal workflows. It has also elevated the overall user journey. This comprehensive digital transformation has positioned as a frontrunner, well-equipped to reach new milestones in customer satisfaction and business success.

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