Did you know that the world’s most popular mobile messaging app, WhatsApp, is a product that came out of app development outsourcing? Well, you sure do now. Most people are surprised to know this fact. WhatsApp was originally a company based in the US and is now owned by a company – Facebook – that’s...Read More
It is normal to get excited when you come up with a new idea for building a software product. It is something that most businesses give a lot of time to. The idea for a software product is usually the starting point of great things to come in the future. However, your excitement will soon...Read More
No other programming language has grabbed hold of the web application development field just like JavaScript has done. It has been able to do so by making the most of its libraries and frameworks, including VueJS and ReactJS. The ease of learning and high performance it provides has made it the most popular language that...Read More
When your startup is still in its initial stage, there are several tasks that you need to handle. Some of these tasks involve building a website, selecting a domain name, and getting your product out there. This isn’t it, there are several other things as well that you need to get right. One of those...Read More
The world is facing a global crisis like never before bringing everything to a standstill. The global lockdowns and quarantines amidst the COVID-19 pandemic have restricted people’s busy lives to the confines of their homes. The educational system has shifted to a virtual learning experience, while ‘work from home’ has become the new norm. Stress...Read More
React-Native has revolutionised how we build native apps for IOS and Android. The huge cost savings, velocity of development that react-native brings to the table overshadows the miniscule performance degradation drawback as compared to a truly native app. The fact that you can get both Android and IOS app along with huge reusable code base...Read More
Is your new business not updated with software that has the scope to enhance its appeal? If yes, it is likely to lag behind competitors who ensure that they make full use of the same. To thrive, a business must adopt the technology. Every new business must also get relevant software, utilise it, and maintain...Read More
Are you thinking about setting up your own in-house software development team? First, you need to consider what it would mean for your business and what it would require you to do. The budget associated with having even a single software developer can go beyond set limits. The cost of hiring, on-boarding, training, and benefits...Read More
Choosing the right outsource software development company has become a tough job in today’s competitive business market. We now have a lot of software outsourcing service providers to choose from. They not only come with the required expertise but also promise a significant return on investment. Finding the best offshore software development companies in India...Read More