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An innovative offshore software development consulting firm, transforming your ideas to reality.

Business digitization is the future. Companies across the world have unlocked themselves into the digital space, for a rapid, reliable, and economical upgrade into the competitive business world. It calls for multifaceted and secure software development consulting that can address your needs.

With several years of expertise, we at Innostax provide unique solutions and offshore custom software development.

Through smart software development outsourcing, our solutions are coherent with client needs as we follow a full software development life cycle. We ensure comprehensive solutions.

Customer-centric with unique digital solutions

As business gets more digitized, it is common to turn to companies providing outsourced software development services, but how to choose the best?

Although several companies claim themselves to be the best offshore software development companies, here is why our firm stands out in the crowd.


We prioritize and consider our customer’s business market before devising any solutions. Unlike any offshore development company in India, we don’t merge the responsibilities of our consultant and development team. It thus helps the right skillset allocated for the line of work.

  • Our software developers and consultants devise solutions after considering the economic edge, budget and impact of the project.
  • Our software developers then design a solution using the right stack technologies and by fully abiding with the software development lifecycle.

Expert Resources

We provide the best software outsourcing services with the right team of experts seasoned for the work.


Data security and front end ease are the two factors that make any digital platform stand out. Our entire firm, including our offshore software development firm, abide by these two criteria of perfection.

  • Using the right technological stacks Although there is no pre-defined technology stack to build custom software, every solution that we adopt goes through the following workflow.
  • Recognizing if the technology stack employed is mature enough for the client’s business demands
  • Allocating the right experts for the identified technological stack
  • Including documentation support for the tech stack

Competitive Prices

The offshore software development services that we offer are highly robust. There are offshore software developers who claim affordable services and develop the wrong custom web development solutions. However, we at Innostax provide competitive prices considering.

  • The complexity of the software demanded
  • The features required to be added


Every digital product developed at Innostax is scalable and compliant with the future expansions of the client’s business.

Sustainable Architecture

We recognize that our client’s consumer base is huge. Hence our offshore development team makes sure that every solution developed is capable of handling huge traffic load efficiently.

Technical Services Offered at Innostax

Our professional services cater to all the digital needs of our clients. Clients outsourcing software developers from Innostax receive expert assistance in:

  • Web development

Innostax provides the best offshore web development company in India that helps take your digital footprint to the top. Our customized software solutions align well with the user requirements with scalable and reliable architecture.

  • Mobile development

By leveraging our app development outsourcing client receives the benefits of responsive, user-friendly apps with a scalable architecture. Our offshore mobile app development team is proficient across all mobile Operating Systems (iOS, Android, Windows)

  • UX/UI design

We create apps with a flawless user-friendly experience that ensures high user engagement. Our custom software solutions converge client needs with technology.

Technological Versatility at Innostax

Every client has a different business plan, and we recognize that. Through our outsourced software product development services, every requirement is addressed with the right technology.

We provide platform-specific and cross-platform solutions utilizing techniques such as

  • Node js
  • React js
  • Angular js
  • React native
  • AWS
  • Google cloud, and many more.

Our offshore development services are unique, highly business-oriented, and multifaceted with our services extended across industries.

Our Notable Achievements

  • We have a strong workforce employed in an employee-friendly workspace.
  • We have a firm presence for over five years as an offshore software development company in India
  • Our highly flexible and customer-friendly services have helped us make our presence felt in industries that include:
    • Technology
    • Health
    • Retail and consumer care
    • Education
    • Manufacturing
  • We have over 50+ satisfied clients.
  • Our offshore software development in India comprises of over 22 passionate development teams and 8 Software framework experts.
  • High-velocity development: The team at Innostax is three times faster than the inner sides of several companies with over 100 million dollars turnover.
  • Our software developers and consultants are profound with:
    • Technical knowledge
    • Ambition
    • Accountability and integrity to deliver the best.

Benefits by software development outsourcing with Innostax

1. We choose the right technological stack converging with your business needs.

It is where most of the companies face burnout – through a new offshore software outsourcing company. Technological stacks are essential because:

  • It influences how the product responds and functions in the future
  • It also affects the scalability of the deliverable

Thus deciding on the right technological stack should be made even before beginning the product development. Through software development outsourcing with Innostax, clients receive the best solutions that are:

  • Cost-saving
  • Utilizes the latest technology
  • Optimizes with the user requirement

2. Employing the best architecture for user requirements

Although several software developers claim to be good coders, it takes experts to code by understanding the adaptability of the architecture.

Besides, by employing the right architecture, end products developed are:

  • Scalable
  • High performing
  • Provides an edge over competitors
  • Optimized Solutions

3. Efficient team

With over five years of experience, our application development outsourcing is cost-effective and complies with the business standards. With Innostax team, every product delivered:

  • Undergo the complete software development cycle
  • Rigorous testing before deployment to the production environment
  • Follow agile principles to harmonize with the changing demands of the business sphere.

From requirement gathering to end product delivery along with an economic consideration on budget and features, we are a one-stop package for all software development needs. At Innostax, outsource software development India, we integrate the culture of software consultants first before software developers. It has helped us deliver products that converge with our client requirements perfectly.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the advantages of offshoring custom software?

    Offshore countries have a much cheaper labor market than countries like the US, UK, Australia, etc. The infrastructure of India is aligned very well in producing a lot of high-quality engineers. No wonder large corporations like Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and many others have development centers in India.

    in short, You can get the same quality software at almost 1/3rd cost if you outsource right.

    What are the challenges in offshoring custom software?

    Custom software is a unique piece of software that is built to address specific use cases.

    One very important aspect to success on a software project is the ability for the software development team to understand the use case being solved. 

    As the product that you are building and the team building it are from different countries and cultures, there are very high chances for the development team to interpret the requirement and solution differently that originally intended.

    This can lead to frustrations and wrong product built for the customer.

    Solution : We need to be cognisant of the differences in culture and value and need to go to extra lengths to make sure everyone is on the same page.

    Lot of people talk about being burned by offshore custom software companies. How much of this is true?

    Yes, The sad reality of every business is that there are A players and there are C players, all making the same claims. 

    Lot of our customers who have previously made the mistake of hiring a wrong custom software development services company, they ended up burning through their whole budget without any returns. Some of them had to get the full code base re written as it was completely unmanageable.

    It is very important to understand the companies portfolio, process and to vet out the claims before hiring them.  Lot of companies have been really successful doing it. All the major corporations like Facebook, Apple, Google, Dell have Their development centers in India for a reason.

    What are the advantages of hiring IT outsourcing companies?

    Hiring an IT Outsourcing company for your web and mobile development needs can provide you with numerous advantages in a limited amount of time. Such as:

    • Reduction in internal costs
    • You can save a lot of money by outsourcing to a country where labour is cheap
    • Increased focus on core competencies
    • More efficient output
    • Availability of skilled and efficient web and mobile developers

    Why choose Indian software outsourcing companies for application development?

    Several businesses and startups consider India as an ideal location to outsource their application development needs. Below are the five reasons why India is the leading country for software development outsourcing:

    • Enormous talent pool
    • No language barrier
    • Lower costs as compared to the rest of the world 
    • Top-quality software solutions

    Why should I choose Innostax from a pool of Indian IT outsourcing companies?

    Innostax is a leading offshore software development firm in India that caters to the different digital needs of the business. Our strong workforce has profound technical knowledge in a variety of industries ranging from healthcare, education, technology, retail, and manufacturing and has experience building scalable code. Through outsourcing to Innostax, you can get the best results that are cost-effective and suit your web or mobile development needs. 

    Further, since we have worked with multiple US and UK based companies, we completely understand the expectations and pain points. We have multiple years of experience in building software and applications for large software companies. This makes us an ideal partner to outsource your software development work to.

    Why should you opt for software outsourcing companies rather than freelancers?

    Hiring a professional software outsourcing company is always more beneficial than hiring a freelancer for the following reasons:

    • Outsourcing companies are more reliable than freelancers, as they take accountability for their actions
    • Outsourcing companies have a team of experienced developers who can handle bigger projects and deliver them more quickly than a freelancer 
    • A freelancer might only be experienced in one language, whereas a company has a number of developers with different niches
    • A company appoints a project manager who is responsible for the effective and timely progress
    • A company pays 100% attention to your project, which is not possible in the case of freelancers, as they have multiple projects in hand. 

    What are the common engagement models software outsourcing companies offer?

    The scope of the relationship between the IT outsourcing company and client is known as engagement models. Some of the most popular engagement models provided by the outsourcing companies are:

    • Time and material model – In this type, the billing is done based on the time and resources spent on the project. This model is ideal for building software as this has the flexibility to incorporate all the advantages of Agile. 
    • Fixed cost model – In this model, a fixed cost is determined according to the nature of the process. It is common with medium and large organizations that have clear and definitive requirements. Further, changes are done only after a formal request (SOP) is placed. This is an ideal model where the requirements will not change. However, there is an overhead of managing change requests when we need to deviate to or adapt something that was not part of the original agreement.

    How do software outsourcing companies in India manage different time zones?

    As a leading IT outsourcing company in India, we deal with companies located in different time zones. Following are some of the steps we consider for managing different time zones with ease: 

    • The key to success is efficient communication in the limited overlap hours
    • Filling up the backlog in advance so that developers can pivot to working on newer tasks when they are blocked to keep the wheel spinning until the blockers are resolved.
    • Reliance on efficient software management and communication tools, such as Slack, Jira, and ClickUp
    • Set up regular meetings in the overlap hours 

    Will I have to bear the project setup cost if I partner with a software outsourcing company?

    No, there is no project setup cost. We use proven open-source boilerplates that are freely available online as a good starting point for your project. We only charge for the custom code that is written on top of the boilerplates.

    Our Happy Clients

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    • “I have very good working experience with Innostax for developing and maintaining mobile app for my business. Their team is very qualified and professional. Prashant is a highly capable leader who always delivers beyond expectations.”

      Ashutosh Pandey
      Ashutosh Pandey
      Founder, Elate Wellbeing, Gurgaon, India
    • “Prashanth and team went above and beyond to assist with us in delivering our project on time, within budget and no compromise on quality. One of the very few Indian offshore firms we trust to deliver our projects.”

      daryl dsouza
      Daryl DSouza
      Managing Partner, Intrellis, Toronto, Canada
    • Innostax team is highly professional, attentive to detail and consistent in meeting deadlines. I recommend them to any potential clients looking to work with them!

      Harsh Binani
      Harsh Binani
      Co-Founder, Smartworks