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One of the most powerful and robust open-source mobile app frameworks, React Native is your one-stop solution for stunning mobile apps with the most capable infrastructure backing it.

Coupled with native platform capabilities, React Native enables you to transform the way your leads, customers, and other stakeholders interact with your business. No matter the operating system – Android, iOS, UWP, or Web – React Native is a sound choice for all.

At Innostax, our React Native Development Services include:

Mobile App Design

Our dedicated in-house team of UX/UI designers, React Native developers, network administrators, Quality Control analysts, and more will get together to design and develop your required app from scratch.

Hybrid Mobile App Design

This offering is perfect for anyone looking to design and develop a custom hybrid cross-platform mobile apps. It’s superbly effective in enabling businesses to target customers via multiple growth channels.

App Migration

Our React Native Development Company houses experts who can seamlessly migrate an existing app to the React Native environment. No loss of information or data, no loss in functionality, and no loss in robust, high-performance capability.

Customized App Development

Your needs and vision might need more work and design before they are ready to be deployed. This is why we offer customized mobile app design and development to make sure that nothing is missed out.

Support and Maintenance

Unlike any other React Native App Development Company, Innostax offers dedicated support and maintenance services post-development. Any unforeseen issues or queries will be taken care of in no time.

Plug-ins, Extensions, and Integration Development

We understand that your vision might sometimes need additional functionalities to be successfully implemented, which is why our React Native Development Services also include top-notch development of plug-ins, extensions, and integrations.

How does our React Native App Development Company get started at work?

For a conclusive and reliable delivery of the finished product after rigorous testing, Our React Native Development Company follows the Agile methodology.

We break down the work into small components and make regular pit stops to evaluate the quality of work. The evaluation process also involves you so that we can receive feedback on your satisfaction with the work.

This enables us to deliver modern, reactive, flexible, scalable, and powerful mobile app frameworks that refuse to fail, no matter the circumstances.

What makes React Native so powerful?

  • Code reusability
  • User-friendly and responsive interface
  • Sturdy native capability
  • Affordable and quick development time
  • Simple and scalable
  • Capable of plug-ins and integrations
  • Suitable for cross-platform needs

Reliable and robust React Native App Development Company India

What makes Innostax a reliable brand is that we protect your data and other sensitive information like no other company out there. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will be signed to make sure of this.

We do not deliver any product without testing it against all parameters first and only when we receive your approval is the project marked complete.

Plus, we deliver the copyright to the entire source code to you. This makes sure that no one else can access and use the code for any purposes without your prior approval; not even us!

Our certified developers and a dedicated Project Manager solely focused on your project will ensure that all intermittent deadlines are completed timely without any loss of quality of work or reduction in features to be developed.

Choose excellence. Choose Innovation. Choose Innostax.

Be at the helm of digital transformation and delight your customers like never before.

Get in touch with us today to get an estimation for your project and discuss it with our experts on how we can further improve your app!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will a React Native App Perform Like a Native Application?

Yes, React Native apps look and perform exactly like Native applications. React Native apps have a small overhead of the React Native layer on top of the OS whose effects are almost negligible when it comes to performance. React-Native is good to address 95% of the mobile app use cases. However, if your application is hardware intensive like it uses a lot of Bluetooth communications, audio streaming and needs every ounce of firepower it is recommended to go for a native app.

Is it Possible to Migrate an Existing Native App into a React Native Application?

It is not possible to migrate an existing native app into a React Native application. You will have to rewrite the entire codebase. 

React Native apps are fast native-looking applications. They require low maintenance and take less time to market. Further, these apps use a single codebase for building both Android and IOS, which results in 50% of the effort which directly translates to 50% savings.

Is React Native the Future of Mobile App Development?

React Native is considered the future of mobile application development as it has the ability to build complex apps seamlessly. It combines the best features of both web and native applications, such as the agility and speed of web apps along with native functionality. Further, its low maintenance, flawless performance, aesthetic appeal, and faster deployment makes it the best solution for developing robust enterprise apps. 

Does it Save Money to Build Apps with React Native?

The React Native app development is rising exponentially in the past few years. The major reason for this is its cost-effectiveness. By using React for your front-end single-page application and react-native for the mobile application, there is almost 40% code reusability which results in direct savings and gives the ability to use a single team to build both frontend and mobile applications. 

Further, you can use the same team of developers to build both React.js and React Native projects. Developing your application using React Native and React can bring in significant value. We, at Innostax, strive hard to find innovative ways to increase code quality, reduce cost, and timelines. 

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a React Native Mobile App?

The cost of developing a React Native Mobile Application depends on numerous factors, such as the complexity of the project, features required in the app, app design, app distribution, and so on. Since it is a lot more affordable to develop an app using React Native than using any other framework. An average cost to build a react native app is around $20,000 to $100,000 and sometimes $200,000. At Innostax, we analyze all these factors and send you a detailed estimate based on the designs that will help you evaluate your budget and timelines. 

What are some key benefits of developing apps using React Native?

The use of React Native for building mobile apps is increasing day by day. React Native mobile applications bring a lot of benefits to the table. Some of these are: 

  • both Android and IOS apps for the cost of one
  • Low maintenance as we just need to maintain a single codebase
  • Gives around 40% code reusability if we use React for a web frontend
  • A single team that can work on both Mobile applications and Web frontend if we use React on the web frontend with React Native.


Do you provide maintenance and support after developing a React Native app?

At Innostax, we do offer post-development support and maintenance to ensure the efficient running of your application without downtimes. A lot of our clients have full-time resources that take over after we develop the application for them. We can work on the support based on your needs which can be determined during the design phase in case you need it.


What are the benefits of outsourcing React Native App Development?

As one of the most popular cross-platform frameworks for mobile app development, React Native comes with numerous advantages. Outsourcing these services to an offshore mobile app development company can prove to be beneficial due to the following reasons:

  • Quick delivery and maintenance
  • Low overhead cost
  • Experienced pool of talent 
  • Diverse developers with expertise in various technology stacks 
  • Continuous monitoring and updates

Why choose Innostax for React Native App development?

At Innostax, we strive hard to develop innovative, mobile-friendly, and interactive app solutions that result in business growth and visibility. In 6 years, we have reached a revenue of over $1 million USD, this has been possible only because of the repeat business that we get from our clients who trust us after seeing the proven results of our project delivery and work ethos. Our tech-savvy developers are proficient in building applications to React Native. We believe in 100% transparency and know for a fact that our success depends on our client’s success as our success. We always do bi-weekly demos and daily updates through Jira, ClickUp, or any other project management tools that you might be using. In short, we offer value for your money. Other services include:

  • Migration of your existing app to React Native 
  • Design SEO-friendly web pages
  • Quick support and maintenance services
  • Addition of new updates in a hassle-free manner
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  • “I have very good working experience with Innostax for developing and maintaining mobile app for my business. Their team is very qualified and professional. Prashant is a highly capable leader who always delivers beyond expectations.”

    Ashutosh Pandey
    Ashutosh Pandey
    Founder, Elate Wellbeing, Gurgaon, India
  • “Prashanth and team went above and beyond to assist with us in delivering our project on time, within budget and no compromise on quality. One of the very few Indian offshore firms we trust to deliver our projects.”

    daryl dsouza
    Daryl DSouza
    Managing Partner, Intrellis, Toronto, Canada
  • Innostax team is highly professional, attentive to detail and consistent in meeting deadlines. I recommend them to any potential clients looking to work with them!

    Harsh Binani
    Harsh Binani
    Co-Founder, Smartworks

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