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Innostax is a custom software application development company in India partnering with businesses seeking to maximize value from their technology investment. We develop customized software development services and solutions to provide an innovative yet user-friendly interface to our clients. Through our customized software development services in India, we aim to deliver pocket-friendly and highly reliable custom apps development. We can fulfill your simple to the most complex problems, through the expertise of our highly trained software developers.

We are the fastest-growing custom apps development company in India. Our growth is triggered by our custom software application development solutions that have helped businesses outperform their peers by providing excellent user experience.

Sustainable businesses expand possibilities with a tech-first mindset. Elegant, high-grade software helps meet business goals agilely. End-user satisfaction drives technology adoption and increases trust in company leadership. Let us help you get there!

Areas of expertise

Web Development

Develop software solutions that grow with your business. Give end-users features and functionalities they really need. Our custom web application development brings advantages of flexibility, scalability, and interoperability. No matter what your business requirement, we have you covered.

Mobile Development

Accelerate app downloads and limit app abandonment. Delight end-users with a responsive, functional, and easy-to-use app they keep returning to. Our custom mobile application development is underpinned by secure architecture. We are proficient across iOS, Android, and Windows

UX/UI Design

Through our customized software development services, we make user interactions simple and time-efficient. Increase app stickiness and boost user engagement. Our customized software development services in India, blend advanced technical skills with psychology and sociology principles to create amazing user experiences.

Why us?

  • Seasoned software consultants
  • Expertise across various technology stacks
  • Methods and processes perfected over many years
  • Competitive prices

Get customized software development services in India

We have experience in providing customized software development services to businesses in every industry. Our team at Innostax is ready to fulfill your custom software application development requirements at any point in time.

Database development:

As a custom software development firm, we have experience in creating a responsive database to support software applications. It will help you manage your data correctly.

Enhancement and modernisation:

At Innostax, stay on top with the latest advancements through regular improvements and recurring updates. Our experts will help you stay updated with modern solutions.

Project Recovery:

Is your deadline is near, and has your project fallen apart? Our custom software development solutions can help you finish your delayed projects on time.

Software Product Development:

Enable new features within your products through customized application development for any ongoing project or a completely new long term contract.

Big Data:

Are you facing trouble with processing high-volume data? We can help you analyze your data and provide statistics of consumer behaviours with custom-built big data applications.

Our development approach

We are not merely a provider of custom software development in Boston, rather, we serve as your partner in delivering high-quality web and mobile applications. Our custom software application development approach is informed by our experience working with businesses of all sizes and across industries.

We believe that full-cycle software development is ideal for companies that lack the internal resources or expertise to conceptualize, design, and test their software. By providing comprehensive custom web application development from the get-go, we play a collaborative role, working with you to create incredible apps that make a meaningful difference to your business.

We promise a great experience

Everything we do is informed by the core values of transparency, honesty, and a genuine passion for what we do. We’re obsessed with technology but also understand the human needs, motivations, and expectations impacting the design and use of technology solutions. A balanced mindset allows us to appreciate your unique requirements and truly excel.

Let’s talk

At Innostax, custom software development services in India, applications are prepared to resolve all issues of a business. We provide custom software development services that can help you modernise your customer experience with highly customized application development. So, if you need an app development company in India, Innostax stands out to be the best choice you can make.

We’re excited by the prospect of addressing complex business challenges head-on. Our goal is intertwined with yours –let’s get cracking!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the custom software cost?

Building Custom Software is analogous to building a House. You can’t really put a number without knowing the exact specifics on what you are trying to build. The cost of custom software can range anywhere from $1000 to $1,000,000 depending on the complexity and number of features.

How much time does it take to build custom software?

It depends on the size of the project and how we plan, based on the resource allocation.

The best approach towards building custom software is to break down all features into smaller chunks of work and prioritizing them based on effort and impact on the business.

Then, getting into a bi-weekly sprint of release to production. This way, you can get software in front of customers much sooner and you can iterate on their feedback and incrementally build software.

This approach may even lead to revenue much sooner than.

What is the right technology stack to build custom software?

There is no right or wrong technology stack to build custom software solution. The considerations for choosing the stack is mostly based on the following reasons :

  1. Is the programming stack matured enough and battle tested? Going for the latest and greatest just because the well known tech companies are doing it might not be the right approach.
  2. Availability of the tech resources for the technology stack in question.
  3. Prevailing rates for the tech resources for the technology stack.
  4. Documentation support for the tech stack.
  5. Size of the tech community supporting it.

What to build and what to buy in custom software?

You don’t have to build everything from scratch for customs software.

For Example, Registration, Sign in, Forget Password and authorisation are standard features of any website. You can end up spending lot of cash trying to build your own custom solution or buy it as a service of the rack.

Auth0, Aws Cognito are examples where you can spend very few hours and integrate them into your software and pay monthly for it.

Only try to build the unique components of the custom software that you are trying to build, This keeps the overhead of maintenance of all the standard pieces off your plate, keeps the cost low, time to market. is very substantially reduced.

Case Study :

What are the programming languages that you use to build an app?

Our expert developers and programmers at Innostax are highly skilled and trained in a number of programming languages, ranging from Node.js, React.js, Angularjs, React-native, .Net, .Net Core, Go Lang, Ionic, etc. We also use JavaScript as it is versatile and cost-effective. It is used to build backend APIs, SPA (Single Page Application) Frontend, and mobile apps.

Our team has worked with various businesses to develop new apps and improve the existing ones to enhance app usability. We are also willing to use other technologies if the project demands.

How to hire cost-effective software application development teams?

Hiring a cost-effective and dedicated software development team is crucial for the fast and quality web and mobile applications. Numerous companies offer low quotes but can hit you up with multiple change requests, leading to more expenditure than expected. Follow these tips to hire a cost-effective software development team:

  • Check the process on which the teams operate – right from idea generation to delivery. 
  • Compare different options according to factors, like portfolio, pricing, services, technologies used, expertise, communication skill, etc.
  • Contact the 3-5 shortlisted companies and ask for quotes.
  • Evaluate each proposal or quote and choose the one that suits your budget and project needs. 

What is a custom software development?

Custom software development is the process of designing and creating software for a specific type of user or organization. Also, known as Bespoke software, these kinds of software are made to accommodate a customer’s particular preferences and expectations. A custom software development involves the steps familiar to other types of software development, such as information gathering, code construction, testing, and deployment.

What is an ideal example of customized software?

Custom software is designed for a specific set of requirements, such as an online insurance app designed for the needs of an insurance company and its customers. Some of the successful examples of custom software include – Content Management Systems (CMS), Automated invoicing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Remote dashboards, etc.

What are the perks of custom software for my business?

The demand for custom software is increasing exponentially. The benefits of custom software for your business are numerous. Some of these are:

  • Helps in meeting specific requirements and problems. 
  • Enables you to add extra features when required. 
  • Automates manual operations and saves time and cost.
  • Decreases the probability of human error.
  • Keeps your data secured. 
  • Boosts the organization’s performance.

What are your support services after the completion of custom software?

We provide complete ½ month technical support services after the custom software is developed. Our dedicated development team is skilled in upgrading your customized software and add the desired-features when required. Besides, if you face any problem with your software, our reliable and efficient team can solve it in the nearest time. Fixing bugs, adding new features, and troubleshooting are some of the support services we provide.

How to understand that my business is in need of custom software?

Every business is different, and thus, it is necessary to choose the kind of software that fulfils your organizational requirements. Both customized and readymade software have their advantages and disadvantages. There are mainly five indications that your business needs custom software:

  • When your business is disorganized.
  • When you are transforming your business size or shifting its focus.
  • When your business wants to increase its presence and visibility.
  • When you are unable to store and manage your data securely.
  • When the company’s asset value depends on the employees.
  • When you want to automate processes that are being done manually to save costs.


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