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Streamlining Gladly Task Creation with Apex Code


In the realm of modern work dynamics, efficient task management is the linchpin of heightened productivity. Gladly, an adept task management platform, opens new avenues for seamless task integration through its robust API. This guide zeroes in on the intricacies of crafting Gladly tasks using Apex, Salesforce’s formidable programming language. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just embarking on your coding journey, this tutorial is your compass to elevate your workflow by harnessing the full potential of Gladly.

What is a Gladly Task?

A task is a way to create and do internal follow-up work for a customer within Gladly. Tasks have a due date, an assignee, a description of what is needed for a customer, and can be commented on. These can be created through the API to assign items to work within Gladly and through the its dashboard.


How to create a Gladly task?

To add tasks to the timeline for a customer specified by identifying information, the user can use a post request. Also, If the customer doesn’t exist, a new customer profile is created by default.

In this guide I will be using Apex to create Gladly Tasks through the POST API endpoint.

1. REQUEST BODY SCHEMA: application/json

2. Let’s Create some Apex Wrapper Classes for Task Management

3. Create a method to construct the request body with required parameters.

4. Create the createTask method to handle the post request.


In conclusion, this guide has unveiled the power of Apex in simplifying the creation of Gladly tasks. By delving into the code intricacies, you’ve gained the tools to seamlessly integrate Gladly into your workflow, leveraging the capabilities of Apex. As you implement these insights, you’re not just writing code; you’re sculpting a more efficient work environment. Cheers to unlocking the synergy between Apex and Gladly for a productivity boost in your day-to-day tasks with the expertise of Innostax.

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