Thinking with a different point of view

The web design Market has changed over the past few years: designers with front-end skills, and front-end developers with design skills, are more in Demand.Some people could argue that the job roles are completely different—and maybe you straight-up don’t like one of them—but the fact is, in my views having knowledge of both front end developer and front end Designer has a lot of advantages. It has its own advantages as well for example: you can charge more because you’re bringing more to the table.

But working as a hybrid front-end engineer also has a few disadvantages that you need to know,you’re just one person, this means that you’re working two totally different jobs at the same time, that can be confusing for you. If in case you can’t handle it, you will not produce quality work, or reach your full potential. This might be confusing for some of the developers but very helpful to others.

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