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The Power of Rich Text Editing with jodit-react


Rich text editors have become an inseparable part of the web development services world now and every platform has to ensure that software development companies and users have an interface which is friendly and developed through them this can be useful in Whether you are creating a blog, a content management system, or any app that concentrates on text formatting, a powerful and selectable text editor would be a big deal to any of those. Here comes in react-jodit, a top-class, functionality-oriented React component which gives your React applications the Jodit text editor which is very famous for high performance.

What is react-jodit?

React-jodit is the reusable and customizable component of React with a built-in Jodit text editor. It makes possible a smooth bond Jodit editor with your React components and so you will take maximum advantage of the comprehensive variety of its features and customization options. A text editor such as jodit can be taken into your application and easily implemented without losing on any of the range of formatting tools and function which it provides to your end-users and  cross platform app development services

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Advantages of using react-jodit:

  • Extensive Formatting Capabilities: the software responds to all formatting needs – from bold, italic, underline using different font styles and sizes to different text colors – and so on. Moreover, it contains more sophisticated features for example, you can add code highlighting, insert an image and create a table.(custom enterprise software development, healthcare software development)
  • Customizable and Extensible: The ability of react-jodit to be configured in a way that best suits your needs is one of the most considerable features of this editor. It is fairly straightforward to make appropriate settings for editor’s look and personality, as well as any functions that the user may need, based on your app specifications. On top of that, the extension facilitates custom plugins, which will put even more tools at your disposal.
  • Efficient and Lightweight: Although the plugin does great work, it is sophisticatedly rigged and this also means that it is pretty lightweight and fast. It all utilizes Virtual DOM technology backed by React for highest HTML rendering speeds – and you can edit even in the most complex cases, always expecting a great result.
  • Cross-browser Compatibility: The fundamental library of a Jodit editor has been created with the browser compatibility in mind and, thus, provides the consistent behavior and rendering for the different modern web browsers currently available on the market.
  • Accessibility Support: the react-jodit component follows the accessibility rules, giving a chance for users with disabilities or any special needs to have a compliant and user-friendly experience.

Installation and Setup:

To get started with jodit-react, you can install it via npm or yarn:


Once installed, you can import the JoditEditor component into your React component and use it like any other React component:

Basic Usage:

In the example above, content is the initial value of the editor and setContent updates the value of content when blur.

react jodit editor


Here you can customize the default styling using a config object.

Code Snippet: Customizing the Editor One of the key advantages of react-jodit is its extensive customization capabilities for creating  custom software for business,. Here’s an example of how you can configure the editor’s toolbar and other options:

Handle Event

Furthermore you can customize the react editor for your ease.
You can customize other features as well such as image uploader settings, and event handlers. You need to add in your config

In the above example we configure certain attributes of the editor, for example, the button list of the toolbar. It follows from this that the level of customization enables one to personalize the editor to one’s special requirements and needs.

Why jodit-react over other editors?

Seamless React Integration: react-jodit is a very particular react component that is suitable for this editor, if you want a direct connection with a React app, and that is for all react apps in general.

Extensive Customization Options: React-jodit is an impressive plugin with rich editable capabilities that is highly configurable also. It presents to you a diversity of configuration options which you may use in order to master the editor’s aesthetics, performance, and functionality and thus perfectly meet the demands of your application. react-jodit is a library with complete features, whereby you can reshape the toolbar, deal with context menu and change the events. Jodit react is highly used in creating custom software services, android application development services, android development services, and also used by android app agency.

Lightweight and Efficient: However, what makes react-jodit truly stands out is that it doesn’t sacrifice performance at all since it is designed to be lightweight. It takes react’s lightweight virtual DOM implementation into account for optimal performance that gives the user a smooth response even with thousands of pieces of information to handle.

Cross-browser Compatibility: The base for further interaction is provided by the central Jodit editor which is implemented considering the issue of cross-browser compatibility and the need to provide a seamless behavior and visualization of the editor across multiple modern browsers.

Markdown Support: Concerning the markdown support of your application, react-jodit has markdown editing and rendering already built-in functions, which means that your context becomes markdown within the rich text editor.

Disadvantages and Limitations:

Even though react-jodit is a strong and feature rich text editor, as I had mentioned earlier in the previous paragraphs, its limitations and weaknesses need to be considered as well.

  • Learning Curve: It’s easy integration, however, configuring and adjusting to react-jodit can have moderate learning curve that headlines for advanced cases or custom plugin development.
  • Dependency Management: react-jodit is backed by the Jodit editor you manipulate it time on time to gain compatibility and protection.
  • Limited Community Support: When you compare the react-jodit with more renowned rich text editors, you will likely come across the community is rather lacking that may culminate in scarcity of resources, documentations and third-party plugins.
  • Potential Performance Concerns: Although react-jodit is in an effort to leverage minimal requests, the performance of this library can still be low, be it under the case where the content is extremely large or complex, on lower-end devices or older browsers.

Instead of these barriers react-jodit can serve as a superb choice with the rich tool set for react applications that need an excellent rich text editor.


The react-jodit is an editable text with a rich set of features and a flexible editing component suitable for all of React applications for cross platform app development services. It has among its menus, countless formatting facilities, customisation level and the powerful performance too. With these features, developers can easily build user friendly text editing experiences. If you have plans to create a blogging platform, content management system, or some other application that needs a powerful text editor, react-jodit certainly comes to the top of your rating list. You can also take advantage of the app’s robust features and editing customizations to make text editing that is elegant and nicely crafted and, therefore, improve the user experience of your application.

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