Outsourcing Software Development

If you are a skydiver jumping out of a plane your outsourcing partner is your parachute. Therefore it’s very critical that you do due diligence while choosing your partner. With staff augmentation services, what a business achieves is to find the right human resource at the right time to ensure an efficient and versatile process. In these times of digital development, to find a good IT team and recruit the expertise required to handle your innovative business plan can be complicated and hassled. Now, when you speak of hiring a dedicated team of IT professionals for your development, management and upkeep, there are benefits of doing so.

Some of the few benefits of choosing our staff augmentation services at Innostax are:

  • Cost-effectiveness- A team of dedicated IT professionals offering their services on demand ensure that you can moderate your team according to your business requirement and budget.
  • Custom Solutions- Instructions, solutions and innovation are all done at your beck and call. Well, what we mean is that you can ensure our team works with your internal teams to produce solutions custom tailored for the specificities of your organization.
  • Time-management- Being efficient and being on time, ahead of time, each time is important when it comes to IT services. Innostax promises this as one of our many features.
  • Resource availability- When you opt for staff augmentations services, we ensure that the adequate IT services are always available to you. You will never have to face a shortage of IT staff.
  • Ownership- The intellectual rights and ownership of all such platforms, modules and services created for you by our extended team will remain with you even when the partnership no longer stands.
  • Commitment- At Innostax, we believe in a commitment to excellence. Not only do we work around the clock to ensure that there is no gap between what you require and what we promise, we constantly strive to ensure that our clients stay updated. The latest in technology is what we deliver.

Outsourcing is the process of delegating a company’s business process to third parties or external agencies, leveraging benefits ranging from low cost labor, improved quality to product and service innovation.

Some of the characteristics of an ideal outsourcing partner:

  • Long term experience in development field
  • Having experience of working with both small and complex projects.
  • Must committed to high quality of product delivery.
  • Has already worked with same kind of client.
  • Proficient with a wide range of services and technology.
  • Able to understand business requirements.