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Legacy system modernization

A few things get better with age. Software isn’t one of them. Legacy systems are challenging for IT and business because they hold the company back.. Hence, businesses are increasingly implementing legacy system modernization.

Legacy system modernization from Innostax Software Labs

We have experience in platform modernization for large and mid-sized companies. Our portfolio includes a major company with over $100 million in revenue.

Talk to us if:

  • Support and maintenance costs of aging systems have become unreasonable
  • Your legacy systems are not suited to changing business processes
  • There is a shortage of IT talent to support your aging systems

Legacy systems prevent companies from responding to rapidly changing market dynamics. Additionally, they slow down new development.

Benefits of software modernization

Software modernization solves these issues and allows companies to excel. In place of legacy software, you can benefit from a flexible, scalable and adaptable system. Increase process efficiency by as much as 50% for some processes

  • Make the most of business opportunities
  • Remove cybersecurity risks from legacy systems
  • Eliminate the high costs of maintaining legacy systems

So, what are the best legacy system modernization approaches?

Legacy system modernization strategies

The costs of continuously modernizing the legacy application portfolio can be substantial. Therefore, it is important to review different legacy system modernization strategies.

The ideal approach to modernizing aging systems depends on the problems you’re trying to address. Legacy system migration is a popular approach. It involves moving your system to the cloud and enhancing your code and user interface.  

The logic and architecture remain intact while the interface of legacy systems is upgraded to newer technologies.

Here is a brief look at how we plan the legacy system modernization. Also know why you should choose us over other software modernization companies.

Legacy system migration – What we’ve learned from our experience

Modernizing an existing system completely in one-go isn’t practical. This is because of the several business rules that have been baked into the system for years. As there is a high risk of failure associated with rewriting legacy systems, this approach is best avoided.

We review your legacy systems and identify system modules based on three parameters:

  • Impact of modernization on business processes
  • Ease of modernization
  • Dependencies on the identified modules

To move to a new technical environment, our team creates a bridge between the old and new systems. The bridge facilitates systematic and secure data transfer between the systems. As data is replicated in both system databases, they run in parallel and do not affect daily business. Modules are migrated one at a time to the new system.

Why Us?

The software modernization process is typically long. We carry out legacy system migration in a time-bound manner, ensuring a smooth and careful transition.

  • Our technical roadmap sets expectations transparently
  • High performance and availability of systems
  • No business disruptions
  • Clear communication and full support
  • Cost-competitive with rapid ROI

From the old to the new

Our experience in legacy system migration gives us an edge in planning. We can predict pitfalls before they occur. Our legacy system modernization process is mature and helps you upgrade your IT systems at a reasonable cost. Discuss your needs with our consultant here.  



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