Microservices are the future.

The human mind is very complex and evolved but even the complex brain is a combination of different parts where each part handles a single function. “Microservices”, There you go.

Breaking down huge complex software systems into smaller services which are bound by domain context. Each smaller service does one and only one thing and it does it well.

This keeps each individual unit from becoming too big and complex, there by helping it simple, maintainable and scalable.

12factor app principle is the bible we live by to breakdown complex enterprise systems into smaller simple and maintainable microservices. The rules have evolved over time and have proven to be effective. These principles are widely used by all the major successful technology companies around the world.

Breaking monoliths into smaller services adds a ton of value in terms of the following :



Microservices are architecture and platform agnostic which makes them easier to update and maintain



Each microservice being simple and autonomous, It is easier and faster to add features



Each microservice can be scaled up and down individually to meed the ever changing need of the business. This keeps the cost of hosting down during low traffic hours

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