Cloud Services

There was a time when cloud services was a mystery, Now On-Prem hosting is history

Cloud Services have matured greatly since its inception. They take away all the on-prem hosting hassles so that the business can focus on the asset rather than hosting.

With big players like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and IBM cloud in the race, Cloud has become highly reliable, affordable and scalable.

For high availability, performance and maximizing the ROI, the Software assets need to be designed a certain way.

The latest and greatest approach to build a cloud-ready enterprise application in our opinion is to breaking large complex software structures into small domain bound containerized microservices that are orchestrated orchestration engine like Kubernates.

The advantage this cloud-ready application architecture is the ability to scale individual microservices as needed which helps in saving hosting costs. The smaller size of the microservice makes it easily scalable and maintainable as the code complexity is way less as compared to the traditional monolith.

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