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So far, consumers’ familiarity with artificial intelligence (AI) has been largely limited to virtual assistants. On the other hand, industry is actively exploring AI use cases to expand the limits of what they can offer. Our artificial intelligence development services help businesses extract significant value from AI solutions.

Artificial intelligence solutions – Anything is possible!

 McKinsey Global Institute categorizes AI broadly into natural language, computer vision, virtual assistants, robotic process automation (RPA) and advanced machine learning. It predicts that by 2030, 70% of companies will have adopted one of these five technologies.

So, the question isn’t whether you should you invest in artificial intelligence solutions, rather, how soon you can create a business case around AI.

Business benefits of AI app development

Virtual assistants

Expertly coded AI robots outperform humans on accuracy, speed and precision. They are always available, stepping in when human employees are not around. But perhaps the best part about AI robots is that they can work alongside human resources to make great things happen.

Intelligent business decisions

Enhanced and real-time decision-making is another advantage of AI. Latest studies find that up to 73 per cent of company data isn’t used for analytics. Predictive analytics and natural language processing (NLP) analysis enables companies to analyze more data and make smarter decisions.

Recognition and authentication

Computer vision apps are used for biometric authentication, face recognition and object detection. Along with the Internet-of-Things (IoT), computer vision can enhance industrial workplace safety.

Smarter recommendations

For the B2C sector, AI is a source of competitive advantage. AI-driven recommendation systems recommend products and content based on customer preferences. They do a far better and faster job of using contextual behaviors to improve recommendation accuracy.

Artificial intelligence is reimagining business decision-making, customer experience and operational safety, to name some. Consequently, companies are taking incremental approaches towards embracing AI solutions.

innostax – A dynamic AI app development company   

We are a forward-thinking company offering cognitive API services. A cognitive computing API is a toolkit that simplifies the development of AI applications.

A cognitive API comprises advanced AI features, including machine learning, natural language processing, and semantic technology. Together, they enable businesses to innovate and transform.

Using cognitive API, our team builds intelligent applications for businesses in all industries. If you’re interested in embracing AI, book a consultation with us. Our artificial intelligence services include consultation and planning prior to implementation.

The results of deploying AI-based applications

Our cognitive services are helping clients integrate powerful AI capabilities without building applications from scratch. Due to their early investment in AI, our clients are able to:

  • Automate processes
  • Increase sales
  • Drive-up efficiency
  • Elevate customer experience
  • Decrease operational costs
  • Improve service delivery
  • Get useful business insights
  • Understand customer sentiments
  • Identify new areas of business

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Our artificial intelligence development services embed AI into business processes at a low cost. Drop us a line to discuss how we can help you take your business into the future.

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  • “I have very good working experience with Innostax for developing and maintaining mobile app for my business. Their team is very qualified and professional. Prashant is a highly capable leader who always delivers beyond expectations.”

    Ashutosh Pandey
    Ashutosh Pandey
    Founder, Elate Wellbeing, Gurgaon, India
  • “Prashanth and team went above and beyond to assist with us in delivering our project on time, within budget and no compromise on quality. One of the very few Indian offshore firms we trust to deliver our projects.”

    daryl dsouza
    Daryl DSouza
    Managing Partner, Intrellis, Toronto, Canada
  • Innostax team is highly professional, attentive to detail and consistent in meeting deadlines. I recommend them to any potential clients looking to work with them!

    Harsh Binani
    Harsh Binani
    Co-Founder, Smartworks

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