Did you know that the world’s most popular mobile messaging app, WhatsApp, is a product that came out of app development outsourcing? Well, you sure do now. Most people are surprised to know this fact. WhatsApp was originally a company based in the US and is now owned by a company – Facebook – that’s also based in the same country. But the initial part of its development was outsourced to a company in Europe. It says a lot about outsourcing, doesn’t it? So if you are also an entrepreneur or a business owner, you need to jump straight into figuring out the most cost-effective way of working towards your business’s mobile app vision. After looking at all the available options, you will find out offshore mobile app development to is the best one.

How is general outsourcing different from software or mobile app development outsourcing?

Usually, a company outsources those tasks that it considers too important for the internal team to get involved in. In other words, businesses consider these tasks as secondary, not-so-important, and non-core. However, this is not the case with mobile app development outsourcing. A company looks for mobile application development services to outsource its app development projects because it considers the project too important. So if it doesn’t have the required expertise in-house, it won’t trust those with little knowledge or experience in a particular technology or framework. Why would it? Its entire mobility game is dependent on the app it will come up with for its customers. Why would it build an app that is going to turn people away instead of attracting them?

Mobile app development outsourcing gives companies a way to hire the best talent that is out there to work on their project. It is very difficult to find these people when you are hiring developers for the internal development team. This is why outsourcing has become such a hugely important part of the software and mobile app development industry. Why companies outsource could be due to a number of reasons? We are going to discuss a few of those in our next section.

Reasons why companies outsource app development

1. Cost-effective approach

The first reason is that they want people who can work as an extension to their internal development team. And Agile has already made remote working a common phenomenon. So businesses nowadays don’t hesitate to collaborate with offshore mobile app development companies to support their internal app development functions. Whether you are looking for an enterprise mobile app development company or a company to help you build a customer-facing app, you will find enough quality options when outsourcing. It can help you overcome a number of challenges. You can hire talented developers for the short-term. You can outsource a particular module of your project and manage everything else on your own. And supplement the internal team with specialized skills, and effectively manage costs. Outsourcing can save you more money than you can even imagine.

2. Compensate for your lack of skills

Outsourcing can also help you make up for the skill you don’t have. You don’t have to hire an internal resource every time you re short on skills. You need to be aware of the industry’s dynamics. You should also take into account your own standing and budget before making any decision. If you have a talent gap, there are different ways of filling it. Outsourcing is the best out of them all. So if you outsource to an app development company in India, you will have a complete set of skills to choose from. You can compensate for your lack of skills by hiring offshore developers.

3. Increased efficiency

You can also outsource your app development projects when your in-house team is busy with other projects. It has been found that nearly half of the companies choose to outsource app development because they don’t want to put too much burden on their internal teams. It not only ensures that your app development projects are in safe hands but also improves the productivity of your internal team.

If IT or app development for that matter is not your core competency, you would do really well to stay away from it as long as possible. You may lose focus on your core competencies if you get too involved. This isn’t something that you would like to happen as a business. The best thing to do is to let the experts do their job. You can focus on what you are good at. You outsource app development to a company that’s good at it.


Outsourcing can be boon for your business if you use it properly. Your first job is to find an offshoring app development partner that you can rely on. You won’t have to worry about too much after you do that initial bit. Your offshore app development company will take care of everything.

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