React.Js development

The hottest new front end technology that has revolutionised web development by the storm. Its a big move by facebook to iron out the performance issues in angular.js by creating the unidirectional data flow. It is helpful in creating  reusable components which leads to simpler UI with declarative views. The component declarations improves predictability in the code and also makes it easier to debug 

Thankfully, it is a proven framework by facebook tested on the most used website facebook.

How We Use ReactJS

Nowadays, web applications are absolutely crucial for businesses looking for ways to extend their services online.
However, the biggest fear among business owners and in-house developers is that a web application would cause a heavy server-load – and any marketer knows that slow loading times kills traffic and online presence faster than most spelling mistakes or programming blunders.

That’s why we use ReactJS to take your business’ preexisting or ideated web applications, and drastically improve their performance on the web, while keeping it all built in JSX components.

The Advantages of ReactJS in Business

In short, utilising ReactJS to load your web applications provides you with a number of tangible and basic benefits, including:

  • Faster websites.
  • Declarative syntax.
  • Encapsulated component modules.
  • Intuitive and fast testability.

If you’re looking for an ReactJS development company to get your business up to speed on the latest in modern web application development, then we at Innostax Software Labs are who you’re looking for. Get in touch with us today to transform your web presence.

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