Outsourcing to India

“Outsourcing to India”. How much real value does it add? Does being located in different timezone a good thing or a bad thing?

Lot of questions arise in the minds of people when they think of outsourcing to India. When we at Innostax Software Labs started software consulting. We saw a lot of push back from our prospective clients. They were hesitant to trust us. Well, Who can blame them. Who would want to outsource a mission critical project to unknown people from places they have never been to?

We knew we were best at software development, we were the best when it came to service and also the best when it came ethics and integrity. but how do we make the client understand this. Some of the questions asked by the client, even showed how they did not get the expected outcome in the past.

We did a detailed analysis of this and came up with the best practices that has to be followed to successfully outsource work to India.

  1. Lot of people outsource mainly because of the cost benefit it gives them, totally ignoring the fact that software development/product development is a never ending process. Product is a software development journey, which starts with developing the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) and moves towards feature additions to make the product better fit the market. There is a lot of fine tuning and maintenance associated with it.
  2. Software Code written by people is like handwriting in a book. You need to have a good style and good organisation for it be easy to be read and understood by people. It is not always true that a single developer is going to take care of everything. You would have to account for new people working on the older chunks of code.
  3. The cost of adding new features to old code has to account for the new developers on the project, understanding the existing code and be able to quickly adapt to it.
  4. This can only be achieved if code is written in a certain professional way. Even though you might get your MVP created for peanuts, the cost of the subsequent feature addition would go through the roof. This only adds to the frustrations of running your business.
  5. Building software is like building a house, If the construction or raw material is not good enough you can see a lot of cracks pretty soon and would not be able to withstand even little force. Same is with the website. If a good performant code is not written users would have very slow responses for the minimal of traffic.

How can you outsource to India the right way and reap its benefits?

Developers at Innostax Software Labs work with a motto – “Any monkey can write code which the computer can understand but only great programmers write the code which other programmers can understand.”

  1. Always and always make sure you are putting your projects in the hands of people who understand the importance of writing scalable and performant code.
  2. Ask for the coding patterns and coding standards they follow? Ask them to sometimes walk you through the code for different user flows and see if there is a visible pattern in the code written it is just some lines typed all over the place.
  3. We at Innostax make sure all our clients websites load under 3 seconds max. It is a thumb rule that for every second above 3 seconds load time. The bounce rate for users increase 20%.

If you are interested, we would be happy to help you with your software development by becoming your software development partner from India.

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