Life @ Innostax

Glassdoor reviews as of November 25th, 2019

"Code of brotherhood" at Innostax

  1. Client First, We choose clients priority over everythign else but we make sure we plan so that there is proper work life balance for us. We expect you to stay 9 hours in the office. 8 hours work and 1 hour for lunch/tea/breaks/gossips etc.
  2. We take ethics very very seriously, Being a consulting company, We always remember that someone is paying for our time and we make sure we spend our clients money wisely.
  3. With proper project planning we make sure, you don’t stay beyond the stipulated time so that there is a balance between life and work. Spending time with family is more important than work.
  4. We are 100% transparent whether it is dealing with clients or peers. We expect the same from everyone on the team.
  5. We are what we are because of our amazing team, we respect our team with all our heart and only need people on the team who value mutual respect.