Software Development for Education Sector

Websites, mobile applications, and software solutions are rapidly and drastically changing the face of the education sector. Their use in education is empowering institutes to perform their daily operations seamlessly. Their use in education allows students to access more information, find opportunities, and communicate better. The use of digital mediums in the field of education cannot be ignored.

Problems facing the education sector today

With video, laptops, and online research incorporated into everyday education, administrators and technology leaders are looking for new ways to transform their educational institutions to address the challenges they face. These challenges include:

  • Developing a mobility strategy
  • Ensuring compatibility between systems that control enrollment, finance, and other systems.
  • Optimizing the use of cloud technologies to reduce costs, improve flexibility, and ensure data security and privacy.
  • Modernizing legacy systems for better agility.
  • Addressing the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend and finding ways to incorporate it into the education system.

Logixmind’s solutions for the education sector

innostax provides customized solutions and educational enterprise software systems to educators and their IT staff to:

  • Run their entire education business
  • Meet educational demands
  • Create endless on-campus and off-campus possibilities
  • Give students and faculty better access to information.

Why choose innostax

innostax aims to help the education industry deliver excellence in student services. We support education organizations to integrate education and training with the latest technology to provide unbeatable learning experiences to both students and corporate learners.

We believe that our solutions for the education industry must empower both your staff and students. Our educational solutions aim to enhance your process of teaching and learning. The solutions we offer are personalized to suit your educational institution’s needs.

Our solutions are designed to help you capitalize on technology and include:

  • Business transformation strategy and enterprise architecture consulting services
  • Application design, development, and implementation
  • Maintenance and support

What we can do for you

Create strategies to modernize your current legacy applications: To extract more value from your existing systems and integrate digital systems for better and more simplified access.

Integrate applications across functions: For improvement in management and the sharing of data, automate workflows, create new opportunities, improve enrollment, provide better educational experiences, and increase efficiency.

Integrate applications across departments: For easy data sharing and data integration among departments.

Integrate digital touchpoints: Analyzing and identifying various digital touchpoints to build a higher education brand.

Digital marketing: Create modern and useful websites that bring in increased admissions and helps with the company’s product sales and branding.

Develop mobile applications: To enhance learning through new and modern methods, provide online learning, e-books, and online group study, provide various student-related activities, and decrease the communication gap between the institution and students.

Cloud services: To reduce costs, provide a better learning experience for students, and a better work environment for educators.

If you are looking to modernize your educational institution, give us a call today. We can offer you a complete personalized portfolio of education technology solutions for your institution after we analyze opportunities, challenges, and expectations. We have the expertise required to fulfill your needs.

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