Case Studies

How we helped a Non profit organization

How we helped a non profit organization build web and mobile app

Innostax had the pleasure to work with a Non-Profit organization to develop a mobile & web app to help serve Veterans.

The Challenge

This particular client had a goal of being able to support veterans, especially veterans that struggle with PTSD. Through our work, we were able to develop a mobile & web app that would allow veterans to check in with gyms for workouts to help manage their PTSD.

Challenges We Overcame

Connecting veterans with sponsoring gyms was becoming increasingly difficult for our client to keep track of. Their previous system, relying on spreadsheets and manual recording, would no longer suffice at the rate of growth this non-profit was experiencing.

We had to develop an app that would help the non-profit grow, support their current lists of veterans and seamlessly integrate with their current system.

Unique Aspects of the Project

Working with a non-profit always provides a unique opportunity for a project. This project allowed a great company to support a cause while enabling them to grow and hopefully expand beyond their current geographic limits.

We would love to be able to partner with your non-profit to help develop an app for you!

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