Azure Development

Websites, virtual machines, cloud services, data management and business analytics call for secure, off-premises data storage capabilities. Reducing the need for up-front technology purchases, Azure enables small and mid-sized businesses to overcome on-premises server constraints.

Conceptualized and built by Microsoft, Azure is an internet-scale cloud computing platform that assists in creating, installing and managing applications through Microsoft managed or partnered hosted datacenters. It simplifies the maintenance of applications by giving as-required online storeroom to host and administer web and connected applications.

Innostax Advantage

We can help you leverage the capabilities of Azure virtual machines to launch websites, scale resources on demand, control mobile devices and keep data storage simple yet performance-efficient.

Using Azure, you can now implement your business ideas better and more cost effectively. It reduces operational expenses, capital expenditures on hardware, software licenses and the effort of maintaining a strong IT management process. We can set it up for you to get access from virtually anywhere, using any PC, mobile device, or browser with an uptime of 99.9%.

Innostax provides both PaaS and laasS services and supports many different programming languages, tools and frameworks. To know more on how we can customize our service to suit your distinctive needs, get in touch with us.