AWS Development

Only the flexible, scalable and cost effective applications that are built on multiple platforms can survive the test of time. In the time where technologies become obsolete with every passing year, we keep ourselves updated to give you the best.

AWS or Amazon Web Services allow the provision of large computing-capacity in a better and more efficient way than building an actual physical server farm. In practice since 2006, knowing AWS gives us the capability to build online applications for websites and internal use.

InnoStax Advantage

Using AWS, we can host your web applications; create a virtual environment to load the software and services your application requires and easily migrate existing applications while maintaining the options for building new solutions.

Though most of AWS features are not exposed directly to end users, but they instead offer highly compatible functionalities that we, as developers, can use in our applications. The safe and reliable and computing infrastructure of AWS

Is backed by Amazon’s massive infrastructure and gives access to compute and storage resources whenever your application requires them.

We can convert your next idea into a viable software platform using AWS Development and other latest technologies. In addition, our team can suggest and run multiple pre-launch, launch and post-launch marketing initiatives to give a leading edge to your application. To know more on how it can be done, contact us today.