Cloud Development

In this fast changing age of information technology, only a business which is always updated can survive. Saas and cloud service offers huge advantages in terms of reducing product response time, making it reliable and giving it the flexibility to cope with a sudden influx of customers.

Saas is on-demand software that is accessed by users through web browsers. For many business applications, it has become a most preferred delivery model. Office software, messaging system, DBMS software, development software, accounting, gamification, virtualization, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, content management and talent acquisition systems, all run smoothly on this business model.

Innostax Advantage

In recent months, more and more of our clients have started to explore the endless opportunities of “the cloud” that their business can get. We have not only helped them to develop the cloud software, but also given them capabilities to access their applications on the go.

At Innostax, we are proud of our ability to induce cutting-edge UX designs with complex web applications and deliver reliable products. Our applications are intuitive and can be easily integrated with numerous web-based software to deliver results that matter. Using our knowledge of Saas, we have built apps with reduced installation time and lower costs while maintaining the scalability and user effectiveness of them.

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We will be happy to discuss any queries that you might have to fasten the turnaround time on your deliveries. As a team with collective expertise in software testing, product development, user experience design and Facebook app development, we can confidently deliver your project within budget and agreed timeframe. Feel free to reach us at +91-8860367644 any time, or mail us your requirements directly and let our team get back to you with a detailed proposal.